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Stephen Kramer Avitabile Bio

Hello! My name is Stephen Kramer Avitabile and I'm a writer. All my life I have been a writer and creator to some extent. I have always been fascinated by creating and by telling stories. Especially to create something from nothing, using only the imagination (and the keyboard on a computer), that's my greatest love.

I have always prided myself in my ability to adapt to writing in different forms and different genres... to have versatility and variety. But what I am most often drawn to is writing fiction. Short stories, novels, screenplays. I am filled with ideas to put on paper (or computer screen), whether they be science fiction, fantasy, crime, action, comedy or some combination of all. After all, life is not always one thing. Writing should reflect life.


When I write, I oftentimes challenge the status quo, challenge the known and venture into the unknown. I like to push boundaries and test the limits of what we know about life... or what we think we know. And sometimes I'm just going for a laugh. In reading some of my short stories provided here, you can get a sense of that.

My true hope is that people can be entertained when reading my work. Whatever form that entertainment may take. Whether it make you think, or cry, or laugh, or anything else. I just want to write words that make peoples' brains move.


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